When is space day?

space day is next on Friday, May 2, 2025

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space day

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Every year on the first Friday in May, we celebrate Space Day, a festival honoring space exploration and fostering interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) among young pupils. Since its inception as an educational holiday, it has grown to become a well-known occasion celebrated around the world, with nations including the United States, Russia, China, India, and Japan all taking part in the celebrations.

History of Space Day

In order to honor space exploration and inspire young children to pursue STEM-related areas, Lockheed Martin developed Space Day in 1997. It has subsequently been observed in nations all over the world since it was formally declared a national holiday by the US Congress in 2000.

Space travel has played a significant role in human history. We have come a long way in our exploration of space since the first man-made satellite was put into orbit in 1957. We have sent astronauts to the moon and probes to the far reaches of our solar system. As we have learned more about the laws of physics and discovered new planets and galaxies, we have also made strides in our knowledge of the universe. Space Day celebrates these achievements and encourages people to explore the unknown.

How to Celebrate Space Day

Seeing the wonders of the cosmos and honoring the successes of space exploration are both excellent uses of Space Day. Here are a few ideas for how to observe Space Day:

- Visit a space museum: You can learn more about space and space travel by visiting one of the many space museums and observatories located all around the world.
- Attend a space day event: There are space day celebrations in many places, featuring events like planetarium shows, lectures, and rocket launches.
- Watch a space documentary: You can gain insight into the world of space by watching one of the many films about astronauts and space exploration.
- Make a model rocket: Making model rockets is a terrific way to learn about rocket science while having fun.
- Catch up on the newest space discoveries and the background of space research to increase your knowledge of the universe.
- Use the hashtag #NationalSpaceDay to celebrate Space Day and share your experiences with others on social media.

Space Day is a wonderful opportunity to honor the successes of space exploration and to encourage young people to pursue careers in STEM subjects. It is a chance to learn about the wonders of the cosmos and investigate the potential of space flight. Visit a space museum, participate in a space day activity, watch a space documentary, construct a model rocket, or learn about space on #NationalSpaceDay.

How many days until space day?

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Upcoming dates for space day

When is space day 2024?Friday, May 3, 2024
When is space day 2025?Friday, May 2, 2025
When is space day 2026?Friday, May 1, 2026
When is space day 2027?Friday, May 7, 2027
When is space day 2028?Friday, May 5, 2028
When is space day 2029?Friday, May 4, 2029
When is space day 2030?Friday, May 3, 2030
When is space day 2031?Friday, May 2, 2031
When is space day 2032?Friday, May 7, 2032
When is space day 2033?Friday, May 6, 2033
When is space day 2034?Friday, May 5, 2034