When is international skeptics day?

international skeptics day is next on Sunday, October 13, 2024

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international skeptics day

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Freethinkers and contrarians rejoice as the world celebrates International Skeptics Day every October 13th. It pays tribute to everyone who can never accept dogma or even well-known facts at face value. Some regions celebrate International Skeptics Day on January 13th, but after endless debates and exhaustive questioning, most people now agree to observe it closer to Halloween.

A questioning mind is as fundamental to human progress as the scientific method. Empiricism and most of the West’s legal philosophies have roots in a combination of naturalist and contrarian principles. Skeptics also force truth on powerful government agencies, companies that are too big to fail, or religious institutions propagating pseudoscience.

Many skeptics criticize science itself, not only on International Skeptics Day. The attitude plays an instrumental part in evolving physics from quantum mechanics and general relativity to a unified theory that can explain the laws of the universe.

How to Celebrate International Skeptics Day

If you find it interesting that the British spell International Skeptics Day differently, that type of inquiry is an excellent starting point for celebrating the day. Investigate the explanations behind the differences between American and British English or move on to those who believe in aliens, UFOs, and extraterrestrial lifeforms. Ask them about the Fermi Paradox and the Drake Equation and test their inner nerd.

You might also look for movies, TV shows, and documentaries that dissect the origin of pseudoscientific beliefs and long-standing myths. Broaden your horizons and learn new things about the world that could challenge your preconceptions. A good dose of cynicism will make those fascinating conversations all the more festive on #InternationalSkepticsDay (but feel free to test our recommendations).

How many days until international skeptics day?

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Upcoming dates for international skeptics day

When is international skeptics day 2024?Sunday, October 13, 2024
When is international skeptics day 2025?Monday, October 13, 2025
When is international skeptics day 2026?Tuesday, October 13, 2026
When is international skeptics day 2027?Wednesday, October 13, 2027
When is international skeptics day 2028?Friday, October 13, 2028
When is international skeptics day 2029?Saturday, October 13, 2029
When is international skeptics day 2030?Sunday, October 13, 2030
When is international skeptics day 2031?Monday, October 13, 2031
When is international skeptics day 2032?Wednesday, October 13, 2032
When is international skeptics day 2033?Thursday, October 13, 2033
When is international skeptics day 2034?Friday, October 13, 2034