When is make a gift day?

make a gift day is next on Tuesday, December 3, 2024

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make a gift day

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Make a Gift Day is celebrated on December 3 each year. This “unofficial” holiday heralds the start of the holiday season. Make a Gift Day is all about encouraging people to tap into their skills and create a gift with their own hands instead of buying one.

Handmade gifts become treasured family heirlooms. Today, more people than ever are part of the “handmade” and “homemade” movements. Make a Gift Day gives anyone who is not part of the movement the push to make a gift instead of buying one.

It can be very inspiring to receive a gift that someone took the time to make. There is nothing more valued than getting a gift that someone created for you. The time, effort, and craftsmanship of a homemade gift cannot be purchased, and recipients greatly appreciate them.

How To Celebrate Make a Gift Day

Pick one person on your holiday list special to you, and make a gift for them instead of buying one. Gather some friends and have a crafting session, and make gifts for a local homeless shelter. It is easier than you think to create a thoughtful gift that your recipient will treasure. Share the news about Make a Gift Day get other people involved with the hashtag #MakeAGiftDay.

How many days until make a gift day?

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Upcoming dates for make a gift day

When is make a gift day 2024?Tuesday, December 3, 2024
When is make a gift day 2025?Wednesday, December 3, 2025
When is make a gift day 2026?Thursday, December 3, 2026
When is make a gift day 2027?Friday, December 3, 2027
When is make a gift day 2028?Sunday, December 3, 2028
When is make a gift day 2029?Monday, December 3, 2029
When is make a gift day 2030?Tuesday, December 3, 2030
When is make a gift day 2031?Wednesday, December 3, 2031
When is make a gift day 2032?Friday, December 3, 2032
When is make a gift day 2033?Saturday, December 3, 2033
When is make a gift day 2034?Sunday, December 3, 2034