When is napping day?

napping day is next on Monday, March 11, 2024

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napping day

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Napping Day is celebrated on the second Monday in March each year. The day comes after when Daylight Saving Time starts in the United States and was created by William Anthony and his wife, Camille Anthony. The day highlights the benefits of napping while allowing people to compensate for the hour they lose because of the time change. This time change can easily affect your schedule, causing you to lose sleep. In such a case, a mid-afternoon nap can make you feel better and do wonders for your mood.

Studies have shown that having one or more short naps during your day can help you increase alertness and productivity. These studies also show that 10- to 20-minute naps are the most effective when dealing with midday fatigue. Even if you are not into napping, consider joining in on the fun and reaping the benefits of a cozy 10-minute nap on National Napping Day.

How To Celebrate Napping Day

To celebrate National Napping Day, simply take a short nap, ensuring that you do so early enough in your day to avoid interrupting your regular sleep cycle. Even if your country doesn’t observe Daylight Saving Time, you can still follow the napping day schedule of another country. There is no reason to miss out on a relaxing nap this #NappingDay.

How many days until napping day?

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Upcoming dates for napping day

When is napping day 2024?Monday, March 11, 2024
When is napping day 2025?Monday, March 10, 2025
When is napping day 2026?Monday, March 9, 2026
When is napping day 2027?Monday, March 8, 2027
When is napping day 2028?Monday, March 13, 2028
When is napping day 2029?Monday, March 12, 2029
When is napping day 2030?Monday, March 11, 2030
When is napping day 2031?Monday, March 10, 2031
When is napping day 2032?Monday, March 8, 2032
When is napping day 2033?Monday, March 14, 2033
When is napping day 2034?Monday, March 13, 2034