When is milk chocolate day?

milk chocolate day is next on Sunday, July 28, 2024

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milk chocolate day

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Milk Chocolate Day is celebrated on July 28 each year and honors one of the world’s favorite sweet treats. Chocolate comes from cacao beans that farmers harvest from tree seedlings in North and South America. They process these seedlings by drying, fermenting, and roasting them to create cocoa solids, which they mix with chocolate liquor to make a cocoa paste. The taste of cocoa paste is reminiscent of dark chocolate but much harsher on the tastebuds, so flavor experts sweeten it with milk, cocoa butter, and sugar to create the world’s most popular confection: milk chocolate.

The earliest form of milk chocolate was not candy but a drink originating in the 17th century, which people in Germany and Switzerland still enjoy today. Later, French chocolatier Henri Nestlé collaborated with inventor Daniel Peter to combine powdered milk with chocolate liquor, and milk chocolate as we know it was born.

How To Celebrate Milk Chocolate Day

The easiest way to enjoy Milk Chocolate Day by eating chocolate! Bake a chocolate cake and decorate it with chocolate ganache frosting. Host a chocolate potluck and encourage friends and family to bring their favorite chocolate treat to share. Or, make milk chocolate pancakes, shakes, and s’mores that everyone can enjoy on #MilkChocolateDay.

How many days until milk chocolate day?

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Upcoming dates for milk chocolate day

When is milk chocolate day 2024?Sunday, July 28, 2024
When is milk chocolate day 2025?Monday, July 28, 2025
When is milk chocolate day 2026?Tuesday, July 28, 2026
When is milk chocolate day 2027?Wednesday, July 28, 2027
When is milk chocolate day 2028?Friday, July 28, 2028
When is milk chocolate day 2029?Saturday, July 28, 2029
When is milk chocolate day 2030?Sunday, July 28, 2030
When is milk chocolate day 2031?Monday, July 28, 2031
When is milk chocolate day 2032?Wednesday, July 28, 2032
When is milk chocolate day 2033?Thursday, July 28, 2033
When is milk chocolate day 2034?Friday, July 28, 2034