When is candy corn day?

candy corn day is next on Wednesday, October 30, 2024

Always know when is candy corn day. Figure out how many days till candy corn day. Holiday dates available for the next 10 years...
candy corn day

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Candy Corn Day is celebrated on October 30 every year to help get you in the mood for the upcoming holiday season. Made with sugar, corn syrup, water, and other ingredients, this tiny and tasty sweet treat makes the perfect Halloween candy. It also has a place in other holiday celebrations.

In the 1880s, candy corn was created by a Wunderle Candy Company employee named George Renninger with the name Chicken Feed and advertised as “Something worth crowing for.” The Wunderle Candy Company was the first to mass-produce this sweet concoction when they realized that the candy was popular among trick-or-treaters. The colorful candy is not just for Halloween, though. Holidays such as Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas all have their colored version of candy corn that you can enjoy through the holiday season.

How to Celebrate Candy Corn Day

Get a bag of candy corn and enjoy it with friends and family as a treat all on its own or mixed with other snacks for an interesting flavor combination. Toss some into a bowl of popcorn or pretzels for a sweet and salty snack. Or use your baking skills and make some candy corn cookies, cakes, or muffins. #CandyCornDay

How many days until candy corn day?

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Upcoming dates for candy corn day

When is candy corn day 2024?Wednesday, October 30, 2024
When is candy corn day 2025?Thursday, October 30, 2025
When is candy corn day 2026?Friday, October 30, 2026
When is candy corn day 2027?Saturday, October 30, 2027
When is candy corn day 2028?Monday, October 30, 2028
When is candy corn day 2029?Tuesday, October 30, 2029
When is candy corn day 2030?Wednesday, October 30, 2030
When is candy corn day 2031?Thursday, October 30, 2031
When is candy corn day 2032?Saturday, October 30, 2032
When is candy corn day 2033?Sunday, October 30, 2033
When is candy corn day 2034?Monday, October 30, 2034