When is handbag day?

handbag day is next on Thursday, October 10, 2024

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handbag day

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People from all over America celebrate National Handbag Day on October 10th annually. The handbag is one of the most attractive, functional, and fashionable containers of everyday items that represent a statement piece for tastes and personalities. Women typically love this holiday as they’re responsible for the lion’s share of global handbag sales.

A Grand View Research report reveals that the handbag industry was worth $47 billion in 2018, a formidable figure that analysts expected to hit $67.85 billion by 2025. A plethora of Hollywood celebrities endorses a handbag from a famous fashion house, creating more innovative and stylish ways to keep your hands empty and your pockets free.

The first National Handbag Day was in 2013. Most people credit the holiday’s origins to Purseblog, a website that allows people to follow the latest trends in designer bags.

How to Celebrate Handbag Day

People initially celebrated Handbag Day by purchasing a high-end designer handbag that they’ve been eyeing the entire year. However, as climate change and wealth gap solutions topped public discourse, others started to look for an equilibrium between form, function, and practicality for one of the most indispensable accessories in the human wardrobe.

Why not celebrate Handbag Day by buying from a startup fashion house that dedicates a portion of its profits to sustainable manufacturing processes and climate change. Otherwise, hunt for a long-lost handbag to reuse (everybody has one).

Remember to share a picture of your new and old handbags on social media to support fellow fashionistas and social activists on #HandbagDay

How many days until handbag day?

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Upcoming dates for handbag day

When is handbag day 2024?Thursday, October 10, 2024
When is handbag day 2025?Friday, October 10, 2025
When is handbag day 2026?Saturday, October 10, 2026
When is handbag day 2027?Sunday, October 10, 2027
When is handbag day 2028?Tuesday, October 10, 2028
When is handbag day 2029?Wednesday, October 10, 2029
When is handbag day 2030?Thursday, October 10, 2030
When is handbag day 2031?Friday, October 10, 2031
When is handbag day 2032?Sunday, October 10, 2032
When is handbag day 2033?Monday, October 10, 2033
When is handbag day 2034?Tuesday, October 10, 2034