When is alfred hitchcock day?

alfred hitchcock day is next on Tuesday, March 12, 2024

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alfred hitchcock day

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Alfred Hitchcock Day is celebrated on the 12th of March every year. The day celebrates the work, times, and life of exceptional filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. While nobody knows why this specific date was chosen to commemorate the director, that hasn’t stopped its popularity as more and more people continue to mark this day each year. Considering Hitchcock’s career, it isn’t hard to see why.

Alfred Hitchcock’s prolific career spanned more than half a century. He began making films in 1921 and made Family Plot, his final film, in 1976. In that time, he developed a unique cinematic style in suspense movies and psychological thrillers that earned him the honorable title of Master of Suspense. However, despite his standing in film history, Hitchcock never won an Oscar for Best Director–some might say getting a day where the whole world celebrates your work is better.

How To Celebrate Alfred Hitchcock Day

There are many ways to celebrate Alfred Hitchcock Day. For starters, you could gather your family and friends and have a Hitchcock movie marathon, watching some of his famous films like Vertigo, Psycho, and The Birds. You could even play the spot Hitchcock’s-cameo game as you enjoy the films. Dive into the creations of one of history’s greatest filmmakers this #AlfredHitchcockDay.

How many days until alfred hitchcock day?

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Upcoming dates for alfred hitchcock day

When is alfred hitchcock day 2024?Tuesday, March 12, 2024
When is alfred hitchcock day 2025?Wednesday, March 12, 2025
When is alfred hitchcock day 2026?Thursday, March 12, 2026
When is alfred hitchcock day 2027?Friday, March 12, 2027
When is alfred hitchcock day 2028?Sunday, March 12, 2028
When is alfred hitchcock day 2029?Monday, March 12, 2029
When is alfred hitchcock day 2030?Tuesday, March 12, 2030
When is alfred hitchcock day 2031?Wednesday, March 12, 2031
When is alfred hitchcock day 2032?Friday, March 12, 2032
When is alfred hitchcock day 2033?Saturday, March 12, 2033
When is alfred hitchcock day 2034?Sunday, March 12, 2034