When is star wars day?

star wars day is next on Sunday, May 4, 2025

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star wars day

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Are you prepared to venture to a distant galaxy? May 4th is Star Wars Day, so it's time to dust off your lightsabers, don your blasters, and use the force! The date was chosen as a play on the idiom “May the force be with you” as “May the Fourth be with you”, and it honors all things Star Wars. Prepare for a stylish celebration of galactic proportions!

When the original Star Wars movie was released in 1977, everything started out in a galaxy far, far away with its timeless tale of good versus evil, love and loss, and the strength of the force, the epic space saga captivated the hearts and imaginations of people all over the world. The franchise has expanded since then to now consist of nine major films, numerous spin-offs, books, comics, and even several TV mini series. It's safe to claim that Star Wars has impacted popular culture.

Since the early 2000s, Star Wars Day has been observed by fans all around the world. Fans have organized activities and gatherings to mark the holiday as its popularity has risen over time. It offers a chance for fans to interact, celebrate their passion of the franchise, and have fun.

How to Celebrate Star Wars Day

What are some ways to observe Star Wars Day? The options are truly unlimited! Start off by watching your preferred Star Wars films or organizing a movie marathon. Create snacks and cocktails with a Star Wars theme to show off your culinary and beverage creativity. Why not put on a costume or perhaps hold a costume contest as your preferred character? Also, you might host a quiz night, plan a scavenger hunt, or play Star Wars activities. Your creativity is the only constraint on the endless possibilities.

If you want something more formal, Lucasfilm and Disney have embraced the occasion and are offering a variety of events and promos. On Star Wars Day, the official Star Wars website frequently offers exclusive material and giveaways, so be sure to check it out. Moreover, Star Wars Day events are frequently held at Disney Parks, including special character meet-and-greets, themed meals, and exclusive merchandise.

Of course, social media plays a significant part in the celebration of Star Wars Day. Share your images, clips, and recollections with the galaxy at large by using the hashtag #StarWarsDay. Follow the official Star Wars social media accounts to join in on the celebration and access exclusive content and messages from the stars themselves.

Finally, Star Wars Day is the ideal occasion to honor everything that makes Star Wars so unique. Everyone can find something to appreciate, regardless of whether they are a devoted follower or a casual watcher. May the Fourth be with you!

How many days until star wars day?

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Upcoming dates for star wars day

When is star wars day 2024?Saturday, May 4, 2024
When is star wars day 2025?Sunday, May 4, 2025
When is star wars day 2026?Monday, May 4, 2026
When is star wars day 2027?Tuesday, May 4, 2027
When is star wars day 2028?Thursday, May 4, 2028
When is star wars day 2029?Friday, May 4, 2029
When is star wars day 2030?Saturday, May 4, 2030
When is star wars day 2031?Sunday, May 4, 2031
When is star wars day 2032?Tuesday, May 4, 2032
When is star wars day 2033?Wednesday, May 4, 2033
When is star wars day 2034?Thursday, May 4, 2034