When is punctuation day?

punctuation day is next on Tuesday, September 24, 2024

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punctuation day

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Punctuation Day is celebrated on September 24th to educate people and spread awareness for using proper punctuation in writing. Jeff Rubin, an American professional speaker, launched this unofficial holiday in 2004. If you find yourself fixing punctuation errors while reading a company brochure, then Punctuation Day is your kind of holiday. The day is also known as National Punctuation Day in the United States.

Punctuation is the use of spaces, signs, and other symbols in a language to clarify meaning. Without punctuation, a sentence would lose meaning or need interpretation. Every language has its own punctuation symbols and rules. A period, a question mark, and a semicolon are examples of some punctuation used in writing.

How To Celebrate Punctuation Day

One of the best ways to celebrate Punctuation Day is by using it throughout the day. Spend the day looking for punctuation errors or work on correcting your own. If you’re not one to use punctuation in your written communication, you might want to consider using punctuation in your text messages, emails, and more. Create a collage or painting of your favorite punctuation marks. Better yet, try using every type of punctuation throughout the day. Practice proper punctuation and spread the word using #PunctuationDay

How many days until punctuation day?

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Upcoming dates for punctuation day

When is punctuation day 2024?Tuesday, September 24, 2024
When is punctuation day 2025?Wednesday, September 24, 2025
When is punctuation day 2026?Thursday, September 24, 2026
When is punctuation day 2027?Friday, September 24, 2027
When is punctuation day 2028?Sunday, September 24, 2028
When is punctuation day 2029?Monday, September 24, 2029
When is punctuation day 2030?Tuesday, September 24, 2030
When is punctuation day 2031?Wednesday, September 24, 2031
When is punctuation day 2032?Friday, September 24, 2032
When is punctuation day 2033?Saturday, September 24, 2033
When is punctuation day 2034?Sunday, September 24, 2034