When is monkey day?

monkey day is next on Saturday, December 14, 2024

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monkey day

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Monkey Day is celebrated on December 14th each year. The zany holiday honors the quirky characteristics of monkeys and raises awareness for non-human primates. Monkey Day started as a college prank back in 2000 but quickly became an important holiday for environmental and animal rights activists nationwide. It brings attention to the atrocities of animal testing and the steps people are taking to improve primates’ natural habitats. Respected organizations like National Geographic, The Smithsonian Institution, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art support Monkey Day and even hold events to pay tribute to these adorable creatures.

How to Celebrate Monkey Day

You don’t have to be a monkey expert to celebrate Monkey Day. Many people brush up on their monkey knowledge by reading books or watching educational programs about the curious primates. You could even watch monkey-themed movies like King Kong or Planet of the Apes to celebrate this abstract holiday.

Visiting your local zoo and observing the monkeys exhibit is also a great way to celebrate Monkey Day. Sometimes, zoos host special events on Monkey Day to raise awareness for endangered primates and animal testing. As long as you’re honoring monkeys and primates on December 14th, you’re celebrating #MonkeyDay

How many days until monkey day?

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Upcoming dates for monkey day

When is monkey day 2024?Saturday, December 14, 2024
When is monkey day 2025?Sunday, December 14, 2025
When is monkey day 2026?Monday, December 14, 2026
When is monkey day 2027?Tuesday, December 14, 2027
When is monkey day 2028?Thursday, December 14, 2028
When is monkey day 2029?Friday, December 14, 2029
When is monkey day 2030?Saturday, December 14, 2030
When is monkey day 2031?Sunday, December 14, 2031
When is monkey day 2032?Tuesday, December 14, 2032
When is monkey day 2033?Wednesday, December 14, 2033
When is monkey day 2034?Thursday, December 14, 2034