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Everyone knows the hardest part about working out is planning a time to exercise and sticking to it! If you’re someone who thinks your busy schedule doesn’t allow you any time to workout, you’re wrong. Effective exercise can happen in a small window of 5 or 10 minutes if that’s all the free time you have. You don’t need to exercise daily either to see results; you just need an organized way to plan your routine.

Weekly workout plan

plan your exercise
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workout routine is easy to stick to when you are mindful of your goals. How to get started? Write it all out on a weekly schedule.

Below, we’ll show you how to use a printable workout calendar to create a fitness log and achieve your health goals. Daily planners can also make great generalized lists.

1. Write down your schedule

First, decide if you want to download a weekly or monthly calendar. Once it's printed and ready to go, start by writing down all your weekly obligations. Include everything you can think of or plan on doing:
• Schoolwork
• Errands
• Jobs
• Outings
• Meetings
• Dates

Workout planner for your exercise planning needs

Workout planner

2. Look for any free time

You don’t have to work out at the same time everyday. Any gap in your schedule is an opportune time to exercise. Pencil in times when you know you can commit to exercise. Remember, it doesn’t have to be the same time everyday. Once you’ve created your fitness planner, put it somewhere you’ll see it regularly.

Weekly workout plan

3. Choose your routine

To start, try working out two to three times a week, increasing your daily workouts as your endurance builds. Maybe you’d like to do strength training on your Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and squeeze in a quick yoga session when you have less availability on Monday or Saturday. Perhaps you want to try a mix of cardio, stretching, and strength training and you’re committed to working out daily.

On your printable workout planner, write down what method of exercise you’re going to do when. Once you’ve decided what you will commit to, write your routine plan into your free printable workout calendar. You can always customize your workouts for next week's schedule!

Exercise planner

4. Keep track of your diet

plan your meals
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Your free printable calendar doesn’t only have to be a workout log. Your calendar also serves a meal planner.
Fitness and healthy diet must go hand in hand in order to see success. At the beginning of the week, or before you plan your grocery run, consider the meals and recipes you’d like to compliment your workouts. A diet rich in protein is essential to weight loss and muscle gain. Based off of your schedule, plan times for rewards rather than snack whenever you're craving. This prevents you from overindulging in foods you should avoid, and gives you break times to look forward to.

In addition to meal planning, keep a log of the foods you’re eating and water you're drinking so you can observe good and bad habits to better achieve your goals!

Get Started

Now that you know how to schedule your organized weekly workout, it's time to get started. Sharing your weekly workout with a friend, committing to the schedule, and using trackers to clock your stats are all worthwhile. Soon, you'll reach your fitness goals and have a routine you can trust.

Download and print a workout planner today and get started on your progress! More workout planners