When is backwards day?

backwards day is next on Friday, January 31, 2025

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backwards day

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Backwards Day is celebrated on January 31st to encourage us to do things in reverse and have fun doing it. Sometimes it helps to ignore the rule book and look at things from a different perspective. Did you know that artist and inventor, Leonardo da Vinci, wrote backward? Why not spice things up and have a slice of pizza for breakfast or go to work in your pajamas?

Back in 1961, Megan Emily Scott and Sarah Nicole Miller conceived the idea of Backwards Day while on a farm milking cows. Later that evening, the duo sat down and wrote down some rules. The idea got out shortly after and reached all of the people in town. As they were walking around town two days later, they noticed people were doing things backward.

How to Celebrate Backwards Day

There are many ways to celebrate this day, so let your imagination run wild! Answer phone calls with “Goodbye” instead of “Hello,” wear your clothes inside out, write an entire sentence backward, or start your day with dinner and end it with breakfast. Spend the day finding new ways to do things in reverse. Spread the fun and get other people involved this year on #BackwardsDay

How many days until backwards day?

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Upcoming dates for backwards day

When is backwards day 2024?Wednesday, January 31, 2024
When is backwards day 2025?Friday, January 31, 2025
When is backwards day 2026?Saturday, January 31, 2026
When is backwards day 2027?Sunday, January 31, 2027
When is backwards day 2028?Monday, January 31, 2028
When is backwards day 2029?Wednesday, January 31, 2029
When is backwards day 2030?Thursday, January 31, 2030
When is backwards day 2031?Friday, January 31, 2031
When is backwards day 2032?Saturday, January 31, 2032
When is backwards day 2033?Monday, January 31, 2033
When is backwards day 2034?Tuesday, January 31, 2034