When is eat a waffle day?

eat a waffle day is next on Tuesday, March 25, 2025

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eat a waffle day

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Eat a Waffle Day is celebrated on March 25 (August 24 in the United States) and is devoted to appreciating one of the world’s favorite breakfast foods. A whole holiday dedicated to eating waffles was sure to become a big hit worldwide, but its celebrations are still at their peak in its country of origin: Sweden. Waffles came to Sweden in the 1600s as simple pastries eaten with jam and fruits. They quickly established themselves as a delicious treat that individuals could eat at any time of day.

An interesting fact about Eat a Waffle Day is its previous religious connotation. In Sweden, Waffle Day is called Våffeldagen, which sounds similar to another holiday, Vårfrudagen or, in English, The Feast of Annunciation. The two holiday names were so close together that they eventually melded into the Waffle Day we know today!

How To Celebrate Eat a Waffle Day

Like the name implies, to celebrate, all you need to do is eat waffles! Many breakfast restaurants have deals on waffles on March 26, so it’s the perfect time to indulge in delicious meals with your family! Or go back to Waffle Day’s roots and make some traditional Swedish waffles to enjoy during the festivities on #EatAWaffleDay!

How many days until eat a waffle day?

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Upcoming dates for eat a waffle day

When is eat a waffle day 2024?Monday, March 25, 2024
When is eat a waffle day 2025?Tuesday, March 25, 2025
When is eat a waffle day 2026?Wednesday, March 25, 2026
When is eat a waffle day 2027?Thursday, March 25, 2027
When is eat a waffle day 2028?Saturday, March 25, 2028
When is eat a waffle day 2029?Sunday, March 25, 2029
When is eat a waffle day 2030?Monday, March 25, 2030
When is eat a waffle day 2031?Tuesday, March 25, 2031
When is eat a waffle day 2032?Thursday, March 25, 2032
When is eat a waffle day 2033?Friday, March 25, 2033
When is eat a waffle day 2034?Saturday, March 25, 2034