When is push button phone day?

push button phone day is next on Monday, November 18, 2024

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push button phone day

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Push Button Phone Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on November 18 every year. The day commemorates the anniversary of the introduction of push-button phones in the United States by Bell Systems. Though almost everyone owns a smartphone today, back in 1963, the push-button phone was considered the superior and fancier alternative to rotary dial phones.

Though the concept was designed in 1887, Bell Systems did not introduce the push-button phone to customers in some regions of Pennsylvania until 1963. Push-button phones had buttons that people would use to dial numbers, replacing the widely used rotary dial phones. However, early models did not have the * and # buttons. These were introduced in 1968 by the Model 2500 push-button phone.

How To Celebrate Push Button Phone Day

There are many ways to celebrate National Push Button Phone Day. You could start by getting to know more about the push-button phone, including its history and the developments it went through. If you happen to have a push-button phone, consider using it or showcasing it and all its history to your family and friends. You could also share a few pictures and stories about your push-button phone on social media using the hashtag #PushButtonPhoneDay

How many days until push button phone day?

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Upcoming dates for push button phone day

When is push button phone day 2024?Monday, November 18, 2024
When is push button phone day 2025?Tuesday, November 18, 2025
When is push button phone day 2026?Wednesday, November 18, 2026
When is push button phone day 2027?Thursday, November 18, 2027
When is push button phone day 2028?Saturday, November 18, 2028
When is push button phone day 2029?Sunday, November 18, 2029
When is push button phone day 2030?Monday, November 18, 2030
When is push button phone day 2031?Tuesday, November 18, 2031
When is push button phone day 2032?Thursday, November 18, 2032
When is push button phone day 2033?Friday, November 18, 2033
When is push button phone day 2034?Saturday, November 18, 2034