When is letter writing day?

letter writing day is next on Saturday, December 7, 2024

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letter writing day

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Letter Writing Day is celebrated on December 7 every year. The fine art of putting pen to paper and writing to our loved ones has been lost. Today, email, texting, and phone calls have taken the place of writing a letter, but not on December 7. This day encourages everyone to pick up a pen and write a good old-fashioned letter.

The creator of Letter Writing Day remains unknown. Writing a letter is much more thoughtful than shooting an email or text. It is more personal than even a phone call. Is there anything sweeter than a love letter sent through snail mail?

According to the ancient historian Hellanicus, the first handwritten letter dates back to 500 BC. Penned by the Persian Queen Atossa, this letter started a trend of communication that lasted to this day. Although in modern times, letter writing is a lost art, with most people choosing more convenient forms of communication.

How To Celebrate Letter Writing Day

A handwritten letter expressing your feelings will become a treasured item for the recipient. This December, grab your pen and paper and take a few minutes to write out the message you want to convey. Don’t forget to mail it; letters feel much more personal when received through the mail. Ask your friends and family members to participate in the day by writing you a letter, then keep an eye on your mailbox. Enjoy #LetterWritingDay

How many days until letter writing day?

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Upcoming dates for letter writing day

When is letter writing day 2024?Saturday, December 7, 2024
When is letter writing day 2025?Sunday, December 7, 2025
When is letter writing day 2026?Monday, December 7, 2026
When is letter writing day 2027?Tuesday, December 7, 2027
When is letter writing day 2028?Thursday, December 7, 2028
When is letter writing day 2029?Friday, December 7, 2029
When is letter writing day 2030?Saturday, December 7, 2030
When is letter writing day 2031?Sunday, December 7, 2031
When is letter writing day 2032?Tuesday, December 7, 2032
When is letter writing day 2033?Wednesday, December 7, 2033
When is letter writing day 2034?Thursday, December 7, 2034