When is drive in movie day?

drive in movie day is next on Friday, June 6, 2025

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drive in movie day

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Drive-in Movie Day is celebrated annually on June 6. This unofficial holiday is on the anniversary of the first drive in movie theater, when it opened back in 1933 in Camden, New Jersey. The screen at this theater was 40 x 50 feet, and there were 400 car slots. The first movie shown was Wife Beware by Adolphe Meniou. Soon after that, the idea caught on and drive-ins began to pop up all over the country. By the late 1950s, thousands of drive-ins dotted the United States.

A drive-in theater projects movies on a large outdoor screen. Patrons drive on to the grounds in their cars, and sit in them to watch the movie. The sound comes either through large loudspeakers, or via smaller individual speakers attached to the car. However, the invention of color television, VCR, and video rentals eventually led to the demise of the drive-in. There are only around 325 drive-in movie theaters currently operating in the United States.

How To Celebrate Drive-in Movie Day

Try to visit a drive-in theater if there is one close by. Admittedly though, they are quite hard to find these days, so you may have to settle for an alternative. Perhaps you can use an outdoor projector and watch a movie with your friends and family outside. Some of my neighbors project on to their garage door. #DriveInMovieDay

How many days until drive in movie day?

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Upcoming dates for drive in movie day

When is drive in movie day 2024?Thursday, June 6, 2024
When is drive in movie day 2025?Friday, June 6, 2025
When is drive in movie day 2026?Saturday, June 6, 2026
When is drive in movie day 2027?Sunday, June 6, 2027
When is drive in movie day 2028?Tuesday, June 6, 2028
When is drive in movie day 2029?Wednesday, June 6, 2029
When is drive in movie day 2030?Thursday, June 6, 2030
When is drive in movie day 2031?Friday, June 6, 2031
When is drive in movie day 2032?Sunday, June 6, 2032
When is drive in movie day 2033?Monday, June 6, 2033
When is drive in movie day 2034?Tuesday, June 6, 2034