When is bloomsday?

bloomsday is next on Monday, June 16, 2025

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Bloomsday is celebrated on June 16. This unofficial holiday commemorates James Joyce’s 1922 book Ulysses, when its protagonist Leopold Bloom had his first outing with his wife to be Nora Barnacle on June 16th 1904.

The holiday goes way back, almost to the date of the novel. Joyce mentions in a letter in 1924 about “a group of people who observe what they call Bloom's day – 16 June”. The first major celebration of Bloomsday came about in 1929, and by 1954 in Joyce’s native Ireland.

How To Celebrate Bloomsday

Celebrate Bloomsday with readings, performances, and re-enactments of Ulysses, or any of your favorite James Joyce books. Dress up like your favorite character and visit places mentioned in the book if possible. Attend a Bloomsday breakfast in your city. #Bloomsday

How many days until bloomsday?

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Upcoming dates for bloomsday

When is bloomsday 2024?Sunday, June 16, 2024
When is bloomsday 2025?Monday, June 16, 2025
When is bloomsday 2026?Tuesday, June 16, 2026
When is bloomsday 2027?Wednesday, June 16, 2027
When is bloomsday 2028?Friday, June 16, 2028
When is bloomsday 2029?Saturday, June 16, 2029
When is bloomsday 2030?Sunday, June 16, 2030
When is bloomsday 2031?Monday, June 16, 2031
When is bloomsday 2032?Wednesday, June 16, 2032
When is bloomsday 2033?Thursday, June 16, 2033
When is bloomsday 2034?Friday, June 16, 2034