When is buy nothing day?

buy nothing day is next on Friday, November 22, 2024

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buy nothing day

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Buy Nothing Day is celebrated every year on the day after Thanksgiving.: the fourth Friday in November. The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Finland, and Sweden recognize this “unofficial” global holiday that encourages people to avoid spending money. An artist started the holiday (or movement, some would say) in Vancouver to address global overconsumption.

It is no accident that organizers chose the day after Thanksgiving as a day to spend buying nothing. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, is notorious for a shopping frenzy by holiday shoppers. Buy Nothing Day recognizes consumerism. The day has been celebrated with protests against consumerism and has included cutting up credit cards in public spaces.

How to Celebrate Buy Nothing Day

The simplest way to participate in this holiday is not to shop. Some people take to the stores and do a bit of “zombie crawling.” They walk around stores and browse the goods and the other people shopping to cause a little disruption. Others take it to the next level and not only do not shop, but they do not use electrical appliances as a way to save on their electricity bill. This November, use the hashtag #BuyNothingDay to celebrate this unofficial holiday.

How many days until buy nothing day?

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Upcoming dates for buy nothing day

When is buy nothing day 2024?Friday, November 22, 2024
When is buy nothing day 2025?Friday, November 28, 2025
When is buy nothing day 2026?Friday, November 27, 2026
When is buy nothing day 2027?Friday, November 26, 2027
When is buy nothing day 2028?Friday, November 24, 2028
When is buy nothing day 2029?Friday, November 23, 2029
When is buy nothing day 2030?Friday, November 22, 2030
When is buy nothing day 2031?Friday, November 28, 2031
When is buy nothing day 2032?Friday, November 26, 2032
When is buy nothing day 2033?Friday, November 25, 2033
When is buy nothing day 2034?Friday, November 24, 2034