When is marzipan day?

marzipan day is next on Sunday, January 12, 2025

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marzipan day

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National Marzipan Day coats a few sweet hours every year on January 12th. Marzipan is a dessert made out of almonds and either sugar or honey. The flavor is nutty and sweet, and it is a fun confection because its consistency makes it malleable into various edible shapes or forms for cake decorations.

The origins of marzipan are largely unknown, though some sources attribute it to origins in Persia. It made its way into European culture and cuisine, and you can often find imitations of fruits and vegetables or realistic-looking figurines made of marzipan. As such a delicious part of history, there are surprisingly many people who are not yet aware of its versatility or flavor attributes.

How To Celebrate National Marzipan Day

The celebration of National Marzipan Day creates awareness and encourages more people to try it. This year, celebrate National Marzipan Day by enjoying some of the sweet items it covers (like wedding or Christmas cakes), decorating with it, or testing recipes at home. Check local bakeries and try to find some of the cute but delicious desserts shaped like fruits, vegetables, or figurines.

No matter what, make sure you get to try some of this tasty dessert on this #NationalMarzipanDay

How many days until marzipan day?

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Upcoming dates for marzipan day

When is marzipan day 2024?Friday, January 12, 2024
When is marzipan day 2025?Sunday, January 12, 2025
When is marzipan day 2026?Monday, January 12, 2026
When is marzipan day 2027?Tuesday, January 12, 2027
When is marzipan day 2028?Wednesday, January 12, 2028
When is marzipan day 2029?Friday, January 12, 2029
When is marzipan day 2030?Saturday, January 12, 2030
When is marzipan day 2031?Sunday, January 12, 2031
When is marzipan day 2032?Monday, January 12, 2032
When is marzipan day 2033?Wednesday, January 12, 2033
When is marzipan day 2034?Thursday, January 12, 2034