When is thesaurus day?

thesaurus day is next on Saturday, January 18, 2025

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thesaurus day

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Thesaurus Day is celebrated on January 18th each year. This day is intended to celebrate thesauruses, which are books that supply synonyms and antonyms. If you’re trying to write a speech or a work presentation, a thesaurus can be a useful tool. Making sure you don’t overuse the same words is essential if you want your writing to flow—and a thesaurus makes that easy.

The first time a thesaurus was officially developed was in 1852 by Peter Mark Roget. Roget was an expert list-maker, and he developed the first thesaurus manually by creating lists of synonyms for various words. After Roget’s death, his son continued to expand the thesaurus.

How to Celebrate Thesaurus Day

If you’re searching for a fun or creative way to enjoy Thesaurus Day, you can start by learning more about the origins of a thesaurus. Another fun way to celebrate this unique day is to pick up a thesaurus and just read a few pages. You may end up expanding your vocabulary with words you previously wouldn’t have recognized. See if you can guess which words will be synonyms of your favorite words. It’s now easier than ever to access a thesaurus—they’re available for free online. Every day can be #ThesaurusDay

How many days until thesaurus day?

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Upcoming dates for thesaurus day

When is thesaurus day 2024?Thursday, January 18, 2024
When is thesaurus day 2025?Saturday, January 18, 2025
When is thesaurus day 2026?Sunday, January 18, 2026
When is thesaurus day 2027?Monday, January 18, 2027
When is thesaurus day 2028?Tuesday, January 18, 2028
When is thesaurus day 2029?Thursday, January 18, 2029
When is thesaurus day 2030?Friday, January 18, 2030
When is thesaurus day 2031?Saturday, January 18, 2031
When is thesaurus day 2032?Sunday, January 18, 2032
When is thesaurus day 2033?Tuesday, January 18, 2033
When is thesaurus day 2034?Wednesday, January 18, 2034