When is dictionary day?

dictionary day is next on Wednesday, October 16, 2024

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dictionary day

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Writers, “grammar Nazis,” and bookworms celebrate Dictionary Day every October 16. It also happens to be the birthday of the most popular lexicographer of our times, Noah Webster. Even with the takeover of e-books affecting the paperback and hardbound industries, the Webster Dictionary remains one of the most ubiquitous and authoritative reference materials in America.

Nearly all academic papers, encyclopedias, and social media websites refer to the Webster’s Dictionary for the official meaning of new terms. It also has a formidable online presence with encyclopedias like Britannica and Wikipedia that provide a firmer grasp of scientific terms and niche expressions. Webster’s also gets referral clicks from English language tutorial sites and Twitter, one of the most slang-heavy social media platforms.

How to Celebrate Dictionary DayStudents countrywide try to learn at least five new English words a day to prepare for the LSATs. You can celebrate Dictionary Day by beating them—learn six or seven, and look deeper into the origins of a word or study its international roots. For example, the word “vocabulary” has roots in ancient Latin, with “voc” appearing in words like vocal, convocation, and evocative to signal people “getting across a point.”

You can celebrate the day by appreciating the beauty of language and becoming more articulate. Find eloquent friends who can express themselves in intelligent conversations, and you will be well on your way to celebrating the essence of #DictionaryDay

How many days until dictionary day?

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Upcoming dates for dictionary day

When is dictionary day 2024?Wednesday, October 16, 2024
When is dictionary day 2025?Thursday, October 16, 2025
When is dictionary day 2026?Friday, October 16, 2026
When is dictionary day 2027?Saturday, October 16, 2027
When is dictionary day 2028?Monday, October 16, 2028
When is dictionary day 2029?Tuesday, October 16, 2029
When is dictionary day 2030?Wednesday, October 16, 2030
When is dictionary day 2031?Thursday, October 16, 2031
When is dictionary day 2032?Saturday, October 16, 2032
When is dictionary day 2033?Sunday, October 16, 2033
When is dictionary day 2034?Monday, October 16, 2034