When is bean day?

bean day is next on Monday, January 6, 2025

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bean day

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National Bean Day garners attention every year on January 6th, with the significance of the date combining science and history. January 6th is the date that Gregor Mendel, a famous geneticist, died. Gregor Mendel became famous because he studied beans and was able to develop theories about genetics through his research.

The research that Gregor Mendel unearthed now forms the basis of so much scientific discovery, all thanks to beans. National Bean Day celebrates Gregor Mendel’s research genius, but it also appreciates everything beans do for the world as a staple food in many global cultures. Beans complete many recipes, and they are packed with excellent nutrients and protein for a greener alternative to meat.

How To Celebrate National Bean Day

This year on National Bean Day, you can celebrate by eating some beans. There are so many varieties of beans that any recipe till do, including delicious varieties of bean-based chili. Make a winning bean chili dish by combining any beans that you want in a large pot of vegetable broth, chopped vegetables, and seasonings of your choice. Give it a few hours to simmer and soften, and then enjoy it with a side of rice or tortillas for a happy #NationalBeanDay

How many days until bean day?

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Upcoming dates for bean day

When is bean day 2024?Saturday, January 6, 2024
When is bean day 2025?Monday, January 6, 2025
When is bean day 2026?Tuesday, January 6, 2026
When is bean day 2027?Wednesday, January 6, 2027
When is bean day 2028?Thursday, January 6, 2028
When is bean day 2029?Saturday, January 6, 2029
When is bean day 2030?Sunday, January 6, 2030
When is bean day 2031?Monday, January 6, 2031
When is bean day 2032?Tuesday, January 6, 2032
When is bean day 2033?Thursday, January 6, 2033
When is bean day 2034?Friday, January 6, 2034