When is caps lock day?

caps lock day is next on Tuesday, October 22, 2024

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caps lock day

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Caps Lock Day is celebrated on October 22nd to honor the Caps Lock on computer keyboards. This holiday doesn’t have a clear motive beyond just recognizing this often-used key. Maybe it’s meant to applaud the creator of the Caps Lock key, Derek Arnold, for his innovative work in keyboard advancement. Or perhaps this unofficial holiday discourages the use of Caps Lock due to its often perceived notion of yelling or anger.

Whatever the reason for the celebration, this holiday certainly recognizes the use of Caps Lock. Most, if not all, computer keyboards have a shift key that will capitalize the letter you're pressing. When pressing these two keys simultaneously, it will capitalize the letter or word you're typing. But back in 2000, typing in capital letters got a whole lot easier—the Caps Lock key was born. Computer users worldwide could capitalize words and sentences without the continued use of the shift key.

How To Celebrate Caps Lock Day

While there isn’t a definitive reason for Caps Lock Day, you can certainly join in on the fun of using the Caps Lock button all day when typing! And if you're worried it might give the wrong impression to friends and family, explain to them the holiday, and maybe they'll join in this #CapsLockDay!

How many days until caps lock day?

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Upcoming dates for caps lock day

When is caps lock day 2024?Tuesday, October 22, 2024
When is caps lock day 2025?Wednesday, October 22, 2025
When is caps lock day 2026?Thursday, October 22, 2026
When is caps lock day 2027?Friday, October 22, 2027
When is caps lock day 2028?Sunday, October 22, 2028
When is caps lock day 2029?Monday, October 22, 2029
When is caps lock day 2030?Tuesday, October 22, 2030
When is caps lock day 2031?Wednesday, October 22, 2031
When is caps lock day 2032?Friday, October 22, 2032
When is caps lock day 2033?Saturday, October 22, 2033
When is caps lock day 2034?Sunday, October 22, 2034