When is tortilla chip day?

tortilla chip day is next on Saturday, February 24, 2024

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tortilla chip day

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Tortilla Chip Day pays homage to Americans’ favorite Mexican staple every February 24th. Tortilla chips are one of the earliest symbols of unity, integrating the local Los Angeles and Mexican cultures. Rebecca Webb Carranza produced the tortilla chip for the first time in a tiny shop in the 1940s after noticing the massive wastage of corn and wheat in chip factories.

The innovative lady cut the leftovers into triangles, fried them, and sold them for one dime a bag. Over 80 years later, she received the Golden Tortilla Award for her creative and functional input that helped Mexican cuisine flourish in the United States. Since then, the global tortilla chip market has expanded significantly, with Americans predicted to consume around 237 million corn chip and tortilla snacks by 2023.

How to Celebrate Tortilla Chip Day

Tortilla chips are one of the most versatile ingredients on the planet. Celebrate Tortilla Chip Day by grabbing a bag of corn snacks or tortillas and combining them with something that makes your taste buds want to do the Mexican Hat Dance. You could enjoy the tortilla chips with salsa, olives, guacamole, sour cream, or refried beans, but don’t be shy to adopt any one of the thousands of ways to celebrate #TortillaChipDay.

How many days until tortilla chip day?

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Upcoming dates for tortilla chip day

When is tortilla chip day 2024?Saturday, February 24, 2024
When is tortilla chip day 2025?Monday, February 24, 2025
When is tortilla chip day 2026?Tuesday, February 24, 2026
When is tortilla chip day 2027?Wednesday, February 24, 2027
When is tortilla chip day 2028?Thursday, February 24, 2028
When is tortilla chip day 2029?Saturday, February 24, 2029
When is tortilla chip day 2030?Sunday, February 24, 2030
When is tortilla chip day 2031?Monday, February 24, 2031
When is tortilla chip day 2032?Tuesday, February 24, 2032
When is tortilla chip day 2033?Thursday, February 24, 2033
When is tortilla chip day 2034?Friday, February 24, 2034