When is spanish paella day?

spanish paella day is next on Wednesday, March 27, 2024

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spanish paella day

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Spanish Paella Day is an annual celebration of paella taking place on March 27, which celebrates a meal that many would consider the national dish of Spain. It’s a versatile fire-roasted rice dish that originated in its modern form on the east coast of Spain in Valencia. Initially considered a “peasant” meal, workers would cook rice in a flat pan and add all sorts of assorted vegetables and meats. As time passed, the dish became more and more popular, leading to the present day, where people celebrate its cultural significance on Spanish Paella Day.

Today, the most traditional paella is Paella Valencia, a mix of rice, chicken, rabbit, peas, green beans, and lima beans, cooked with olive oil and chicken broth. However, over time there have been many alterations to this recipe, the most popular being Paella de Marisco which substitutes the traditional meats with seafood.

How To Celebrate Spanish Paella Day

Nothing says Spanish Paella Day like eating paella with your friends and family! You can research restaurants online that serve great paella dishes and book a reservation. Or, if your area is light on applicable restaurants, there’s nothing quite like sharing a home-cooked paella around the dining room table for #SpanishPaellaDay.

How many days until spanish paella day?

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Upcoming dates for spanish paella day

When is spanish paella day 2024?Wednesday, March 27, 2024
When is spanish paella day 2025?Thursday, March 27, 2025
When is spanish paella day 2026?Friday, March 27, 2026
When is spanish paella day 2027?Saturday, March 27, 2027
When is spanish paella day 2028?Monday, March 27, 2028
When is spanish paella day 2029?Tuesday, March 27, 2029
When is spanish paella day 2030?Wednesday, March 27, 2030
When is spanish paella day 2031?Thursday, March 27, 2031
When is spanish paella day 2032?Saturday, March 27, 2032
When is spanish paella day 2033?Sunday, March 27, 2033
When is spanish paella day 2034?Monday, March 27, 2034