When is mail order catalog day?

mail order catalog day is next on Sunday, August 18, 2024

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mail order catalog day

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Mail-Order Catalog Day is celebrated on August 18 each year. This holiday highlights shopping from printed catalogs and ordering and paying for items through the mail or by telephone. Mail-Order Catalog Day commemorates American entrepreneur Aaron Montgomery Ward sending out the first mail-order catalogs to his Chicago customers in 1872.

Mail-order catalogs are not a recent phenomenon, however. The practice goes as far back as the Renaissance times. In 1667, Englishman William Lucas published the first gardening catalog. Benjamin Franklin later became one of the first Americans to print a mail-order catalog, the first American Trade Catalog, in 1744. In the 20th century, mail-order catalogs evolved into sophisticated direct marketing tools where consumer businesses listed all the items they had for sale and their respective prices, making it quick and easy for customers to place their orders.

How To Celebrate Mail-Order Catalog Day

Celebrate this day by finding a company that still publishes mail-order catalogs and placing an order for something you desire. You could also visit vintage bookstores and thrift stores and select a retro catalog to add to your collection. You never know, this artistic creation could become a collectible one day! #MailOrderCatalogDay

How many days until mail order catalog day?

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Upcoming dates for mail order catalog day

When is mail order catalog day 2023?Friday, August 18, 2023
When is mail order catalog day 2024?Sunday, August 18, 2024
When is mail order catalog day 2025?Monday, August 18, 2025
When is mail order catalog day 2026?Tuesday, August 18, 2026
When is mail order catalog day 2027?Wednesday, August 18, 2027
When is mail order catalog day 2028?Friday, August 18, 2028
When is mail order catalog day 2029?Saturday, August 18, 2029
When is mail order catalog day 2030?Sunday, August 18, 2030
When is mail order catalog day 2031?Monday, August 18, 2031
When is mail order catalog day 2032?Wednesday, August 18, 2032
When is mail order catalog day 2033?Thursday, August 18, 2033