When is buffet day?

buffet day is next on Thursday, January 2, 2025

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buffet day

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Buffet Day is celebrated on the 2nd of January each year to recognize a popular form of dining. Initially, the term buffet was used to refer to a piece of French sideboard furniture from which people would serve food. However, the name was eventually used to refer to the serving format itself.

While the system is synonymous with food, the buffet table actually comes from the Swedish schnapps table. The table was used by guests to gather for a pre-dinner drink and was often separate from the formal dinner that came after. The system peaked during the 18th century, developing into the modern buffet during the 19th century. Buffets continued to increase in popularity during the expansion of the European railroads.

How To Celebrate Buffet Day

Buffet restaurants offer various selections of food, enabling you and the entire family to find and enjoy whatever you want to eat on National Buffet Day. In some cases, restaurants might create buffets that cater to a specific cuisine. For instance, they might have all-pasta buffets, Asian buffets, sushi buffets, or seafood buffets. To celebrate the day, head out to your favorite buffet restaurant and enjoy whatever they have to offer. Remember to bring a few friends and family members along and share your experiences using the hashtag #BuffetDay

How many days until buffet day?

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Upcoming dates for buffet day

When is buffet day 2024?Tuesday, January 2, 2024
When is buffet day 2025?Thursday, January 2, 2025
When is buffet day 2026?Friday, January 2, 2026
When is buffet day 2027?Saturday, January 2, 2027
When is buffet day 2028?Sunday, January 2, 2028
When is buffet day 2029?Tuesday, January 2, 2029
When is buffet day 2030?Wednesday, January 2, 2030
When is buffet day 2031?Thursday, January 2, 2031
When is buffet day 2032?Friday, January 2, 2032
When is buffet day 2033?Sunday, January 2, 2033
When is buffet day 2034?Monday, January 2, 2034