When is corn fritters day?

corn fritters day is next on Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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corn fritters day

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Corn Fritters Day is celebrated every July 16th and commemorates the creation of these delicious bite-sized treats. The savory snacks have a long history deeply rooted in Native American culture, with their origins stemming back to the Pre-Columbian Americas. Native peoples would commonly use maize (ground corn) to create a sweet and savory dish that evolved into the corn fritters millions of Americans enjoy today.

While you can find recipes for many different variations of corn fritters, most consist of sweet corn, egg, flour, butter, and milk. However, some versions mix things up by including peppers, onions, and various herbs and spices. The sky's the limit with these flavorful snacks, allowing you to create your own special recipe to fit your specific taste.

How to Celebrate Corn Fritters Day

There isn’t a better way to celebrate National Corn Fritters Day than by whipping up a batch of your very own corn fritters. Whether you eat them as a light daytime snack or a side dish for a four-course meal, corn fritters can be enjoyed practically anytime, especially on National Corn Fritters Day. Next time July 16th rolls around, make sure to churn out a batch to celebrate #NationalCornFrittersDay

How many days until corn fritters day?

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Upcoming dates for corn fritters day

When is corn fritters day 2024?Tuesday, July 16, 2024
When is corn fritters day 2025?Wednesday, July 16, 2025
When is corn fritters day 2026?Thursday, July 16, 2026
When is corn fritters day 2027?Friday, July 16, 2027
When is corn fritters day 2028?Sunday, July 16, 2028
When is corn fritters day 2029?Monday, July 16, 2029
When is corn fritters day 2030?Tuesday, July 16, 2030
When is corn fritters day 2031?Wednesday, July 16, 2031
When is corn fritters day 2032?Friday, July 16, 2032
When is corn fritters day 2033?Saturday, July 16, 2033
When is corn fritters day 2034?Sunday, July 16, 2034