When is gingerbread house day?

gingerbread house day is next on Thursday, December 12, 2024

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gingerbread house day

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Gingerbread House Day is celebrated on December 12th of each year. The holiday commemorates the history of gingerbread houses and how they became a Christmas tradition. Although gingerbread was introduced to Europe by Gregory of Nicopolis in 992, gingerbread houses didn’t exist until the Brothers Grimm fairytale, Hansel and Gretel. Fascinated by the thought of a gingerbread house, German bakers felt inspired to create their own shortly after Hansel and Gretel became a part of the popular imagination. Today, families across the world make gingerbread houses during the holiday season to show their Christmas cheer.

How to Celebrate Gingerbread House Day

You can celebrate Gingerbread House Day by creating your own unique gingerbread house. They are easy to make and serve as great centerpieces during holiday dinners. Some stores even sell gingerbread house kits, allowing you to skip some of the more tedious baking steps and get right to designing the gingerbread house of your dreams. You can also challenge your friends to a gingerbread house bake-off and see who comes up with the best design. If you’re in the mood for gingerbread this December 12th, be sure to create a delicious gingerbread house to celebrate #GingerbreadHouseDay.

How many days until gingerbread house day?

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Upcoming dates for gingerbread house day

When is gingerbread house day 2024?Thursday, December 12, 2024
When is gingerbread house day 2025?Friday, December 12, 2025
When is gingerbread house day 2026?Saturday, December 12, 2026
When is gingerbread house day 2027?Sunday, December 12, 2027
When is gingerbread house day 2028?Tuesday, December 12, 2028
When is gingerbread house day 2029?Wednesday, December 12, 2029
When is gingerbread house day 2030?Thursday, December 12, 2030
When is gingerbread house day 2031?Friday, December 12, 2031
When is gingerbread house day 2032?Sunday, December 12, 2032
When is gingerbread house day 2033?Monday, December 12, 2033
When is gingerbread house day 2034?Tuesday, December 12, 2034