When is world kindness day?

world kindness day is next on Wednesday, November 13, 2024

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world kindness day

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World Kindness Day is celebrated every year on November 13. Observed in multiple countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, and Japan, it is an international holiday whose aim is to promote kindness throughout the world. During World Kindness Day, you can devote your time and effort towards performing both large and small acts of kindness.

The day was first observed by the World Kindness Movement, a collection of associations and institutions dedicated to championing kindness in society. Now, the day has achieved global recognition, with participants marking the day by organizing concerts and dance mobs and distributing kindness cards.

How To Celebrate World Kindness Day

There are many ways you can celebrate the day. We all have kindness within us and have infinite ways of showing it. The main tradition of World Kindness Day is to perform random acts of kindness, allowing kindness to prevail over hatred.

For instance, you could consider helping someone with their chores, holding a door open, or taking some time to ask someone how they are doing. You could also celebrate it by doing something as simple as complimenting a stranger on their outfit. Show a little bit of kindness and enjoy the magic that is #WorldKindnessDay

How many days until world kindness day?

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Upcoming dates for world kindness day

When is world kindness day 2024?Wednesday, November 13, 2024
When is world kindness day 2025?Thursday, November 13, 2025
When is world kindness day 2026?Friday, November 13, 2026
When is world kindness day 2027?Saturday, November 13, 2027
When is world kindness day 2028?Monday, November 13, 2028
When is world kindness day 2029?Tuesday, November 13, 2029
When is world kindness day 2030?Wednesday, November 13, 2030
When is world kindness day 2031?Thursday, November 13, 2031
When is world kindness day 2032?Saturday, November 13, 2032
When is world kindness day 2033?Sunday, November 13, 2033
When is world kindness day 2034?Monday, November 13, 2034