When is bison ten yell day?

bison ten yell day is next on Monday, September 2, 2024

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bison ten yell day

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Bison Ten Yell Day is celebrated every year on September 2nd. If you are wondering whether the name of this unofficial holiday has something to do with a bison, it does not. So, what does it celebrate?

If you say “bison ten yell day” as fast as you can, you will probably realize that it sounds like “bicentennial day.” However, the day has nothing to do with any form of a bicentennial celebration, either. What it does celebrate is the power of language.

Bison Ten Yell Day commemorates the ten English verbs used by soldiers during wartime to alert their troops of incoming threats. The “ten-yell” component is a salute to the ten verbs the nation’s soldiers had to learn to create the required new words and signals. The signals (or words) needed to be complicated enough to evade the enemy’s code crackers, and squads of soldiers each learned a different set of coded words.

“Bison Ten Yell Day” is one example of how these soldiers combined verbs to form a new word. If there were one creator of the ten-yell battle signals, the wordsmith would likely have appreciated hearing their contributions blaring over the radio on their “bicentennial” celebration.

How To Celebrate Bison Ten Yell Day

A fun way to recognize this day is to come up with your own secret code and try to talk to friends or family in signals. Dedicate some time to learning more about the ten-yell codes and enjoy your hard-earned freedom on #bisontenyellday.

How many days until bison ten yell day?

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Upcoming dates for bison ten yell day

When is bison ten yell day 2024?Monday, September 2, 2024
When is bison ten yell day 2025?Tuesday, September 2, 2025
When is bison ten yell day 2026?Wednesday, September 2, 2026
When is bison ten yell day 2027?Thursday, September 2, 2027
When is bison ten yell day 2028?Saturday, September 2, 2028
When is bison ten yell day 2029?Sunday, September 2, 2029
When is bison ten yell day 2030?Monday, September 2, 2030
When is bison ten yell day 2031?Tuesday, September 2, 2031
When is bison ten yell day 2032?Thursday, September 2, 2032
When is bison ten yell day 2033?Friday, September 2, 2033
When is bison ten yell day 2034?Saturday, September 2, 2034