When is dewey decimal system day?

dewey decimal system day is next on Sunday, December 10, 2023

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dewey decimal system day

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Dewey Decimal System Day is celebrated on December 10th each year. It pays tribute to Melvil Dewey and the innovative library classification system he created nearly 150 years ago. The groundbreaking category system revolutionized libraries worldwide and is still used in over 200,000 different libraries across 135 countries.

Melvil Dewey came up with the Dewey Decimal System in 1876 to improve the library’s dated classification method. It separates books into ten main groups using numbers ranging from 000-999: 000-099 consists of general works, 100-199 are philosophy and psychology, 200-299 focus on religion, and so on. The system then puts the books into subcategories within their specific section. The Dewey Decimal System singlehandedly transformed the library organization method, making it much easier to find and categorize your favorite books.

How to Celebrate Dewey Decimal System Day

Visiting your neighborhood library and seeing whether you can find a specific book in each category using the Dewey Decimal System is a great way to celebrate Dewey Decimal System Day. You can also try reading an assortment of books from each of the ten Dewey Decimal categories to pay homage to the brilliant innovator. As long as you’re finding, classifying, and reading books in their specific category, you are correctly celebrating #DeweyDecimalSystemDay.

How many days until dewey decimal system day?

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Upcoming dates for dewey decimal system day

When is dewey decimal system day 2023?Sunday, December 10, 2023
When is dewey decimal system day 2024?Tuesday, December 10, 2024
When is dewey decimal system day 2025?Wednesday, December 10, 2025
When is dewey decimal system day 2026?Thursday, December 10, 2026
When is dewey decimal system day 2027?Friday, December 10, 2027
When is dewey decimal system day 2028?Sunday, December 10, 2028
When is dewey decimal system day 2029?Monday, December 10, 2029
When is dewey decimal system day 2030?Tuesday, December 10, 2030
When is dewey decimal system day 2031?Wednesday, December 10, 2031
When is dewey decimal system day 2032?Friday, December 10, 2032
When is dewey decimal system day 2033?Saturday, December 10, 2033