2022 Holidays USA

How many US holidays are there in 2022? There are 55 holidays and observances, and 10 federal holidays in the USA every year. These federal national holidays are usually observed in all states, and government office buildings and banks are typically closed on these days. Below is a listing of all United States federal holidays and Presidential mandated observations. The main holidays are in bold Have a look at our calendar with USA holidays pages for printable calendars with US holidays. Federal holidays are in bold. Click on any public holiday below for more details and dates for the next 10 years.


DateDayHoliday Name
Jan 01Saturday New Years Day
Jan 16SundayReligious Freedom Day
Jan 16SundayNational Sanctity of Human Life Day
Jan 17Monday Martin Luther King Day
Feb 15TuesdaySusan B Anthony Day
Feb 21Monday Presidents Day
Mar 10ThursdayHarriet Tubman Day
Mar 25FridayGreek Independence Day
Mar 29TuesdayNational Vietnam War Veterans Day
Mar 31ThursdayCesar Chavez Day
Apr 06WednesdayNational Tartan Day
Apr 09SaturdayNational Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day
Apr 14ThursdayNational DARE Day
Apr 14ThursdayPan American Day
May 01SundayLoyalty Day
May 01SundayLaw Day
May 05ThursdayNational Day of Prayer
May 06FridayMilitary Spouse Day
May 08SundayMothers Day
May 15SundayPeace Officers Memorial Day
May 19ThursdayMalcolm X Day
May 20FridayNational Defense Transportation Day
May 21SaturdayArmed Forces Day
May 22SundayNational Maritime Day
May 25WednesdayNational Missing Childrens Day
May 30Monday Memorial Day
Jun 14TuesdayFlag Day
Jun 19Sunday Juneteenth
Jun 19SundayFathers Day
Jun 20Monday Juneteenth observed
Jul 04Monday Independence Day
Jul 27WednesdayNational Korean War Veterans Armistice Day
Jul 31SundayParents Day
Aug 16TuesdayNational Airborne Day
Aug 26FridayWomens Equality Day
Sep 05Monday Labor Day
Sep 10SaturdayNational Days of Prayer and Remembrance
Sep 11SundayPatriot Day
Sep 11SundayEmergency Number Day
Sep 16FridayNational POW MIA Recognition Day
Sep 17SaturdayCitizen Day and Constitution Week
Sep 22ThursdayAmerican Business Womens Day
Sep 25SundayGold Star Mothers Day
Sep 26MondayFamily Day
Sep 28WednesdayNational Good Neighbor Day
Oct 03MondayChild Health Day
Oct 06ThursdayGerman American Day
Oct 09SundayLeif Erikson Day
Oct 10Monday Columbus Day
Oct 10MondayIndigenous Peoples Day
Oct 11TuesdayGeneral Pulaski Memorial Day
Oct 15SaturdayWhite Cane Safety Day
Oct 24MondayUnited Nations Day
Nov 09WednesdayWorld Freedom Day
Nov 11Friday Veterans Day
Nov 15TuesdayNational Philanthropy Day
Nov 15TuesdayAmerica Recycles Day
Nov 20SundayNational Childs Day
Nov 24Thursday Thanksgiving Day
Nov 25FridayNative American Heritage Day
Dec 01ThursdayWorld AIDS Day
Dec 03SaturdayInt Day of Persons With Disabilities
Dec 07WednesdayNational Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Dec 10SaturdayHuman Rights Day
Dec 15ThursdayBill of Rights Day
Dec 17SaturdayWright Brothers Day
Dec 25Sunday Christmas Day
Dec 26Monday Christmas Day observed


DateDayHoliday Name
Jan 01Sunday New Years Day
Jan 02Monday New Years Day observed
Jan 15SundayNational Sanctity of Human Life Day
Jan 16Monday Martin Luther King Day
Jan 16MondayReligious Freedom Day
Feb 15WednesdaySusan B Anthony Day
Feb 20Monday Presidents Day
Mar 10FridayHarriet Tubman Day
Mar 25SaturdayGreek Independence Day
Mar 29WednesdayNational Vietnam War Veterans Day
Mar 31FridayCesar Chavez Day
Apr 06ThursdayNational Tartan Day
Apr 09SundayNational Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day
Apr 13ThursdayNational DARE Day
Apr 14FridayPan American Day
May 01MondayLoyalty Day
May 01MondayLaw Day
May 04ThursdayNational Day of Prayer
May 12FridayMilitary Spouse Day
May 14SundayMothers Day
May 15MondayPeace Officers Memorial Day
May 19FridayNational Defense Transportation Day
May 19FridayMalcolm X Day
May 20SaturdayArmed Forces Day
May 22MondayNational Maritime Day
May 25ThursdayNational Missing Childrens Day
May 29Monday Memorial Day
Jun 14WednesdayFlag Day
Jun 18SundayFathers Day
Jun 19Monday Juneteenth
Jul 04Tuesday Independence Day
Jul 27ThursdayNational Korean War Veterans Armistice Day
Jul 30SundayParents Day
Aug 16WednesdayNational Airborne Day
Aug 26SaturdayWomens Equality Day
Sep 04Monday Labor Day
Sep 09SaturdayNational Days of Prayer and Remembrance
Sep 10SundayNational Days of Prayer and Remembrance
Sep 11MondayPatriot Day
Sep 11MondayEmergency Number Day
Sep 15FridayNational POW MIA Recognition Day
Sep 17SundayCitizen Day and Constitution Week
Sep 22FridayAmerican Business Womens Day
Sep 24SundayGold Star Mothers Day
Sep 25MondayFamily Day
Sep 28ThursdayNational Good Neighbor Day
Oct 02MondayChild Health Day
Oct 06FridayGerman American Day
Oct 09Monday Columbus Day
Oct 09MondayLeif Erikson Day
Oct 09MondayIndigenous Peoples Day
Oct 11WednesdayGeneral Pulaski Memorial Day
Oct 15SundayWhite Cane Safety Day
Oct 24TuesdayUnited Nations Day
Nov 09ThursdayWorld Freedom Day
Nov 10Friday Veterans Day observed
Nov 11Saturday Veterans Day
Nov 15WednesdayNational Philanthropy Day
Nov 15WednesdayAmerica Recycles Day
Nov 20MondayNational Childs Day
Nov 23Thursday Thanksgiving Day
Nov 24FridayNative American Heritage Day
Dec 01FridayWorld AIDS Day
Dec 03SundayInt Day of Persons With Disabilities
Dec 07ThursdayNational Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Dec 10SundayHuman Rights Day
Dec 15FridayBill of Rights Day
Dec 17SundayWright Brothers Day
Dec 25Monday Christmas Day
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