When is caviar day?

caviar day is next on Thursday, July 18, 2024

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caviar day

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Caviar Day is celebrated on July 18th of each year. Although caviar is considered a high-class delicacy in most parts of the world, it hasn’t always held such a luxurious status. The classy dish was once as ordinary as a bag of trail mix or a traditional protein bar today. During the 19th century, many commoners enjoyed caviar as a quick daytime snack due to the abundance of sturgeon (the fish that produces caviar) during that time. However, the mass indulgence of caviar caused the over-fishing of sturgeon, rapidly diminishing their numbers and forcing governments to ban sturgeon fishing. The once common snack food ranks as one of the most lavish delicacies in the western world.

How to Celebrate Caviar Day

You don’t have to go out and buy expensive sturgeon roe to celebrate Caviar Day. You can choose from among the plentiful “imposter” caviar that allows you to dine like royalty without breaking the bank. Salmon, trout, and carp produce a version of caviar that costs a fraction of the price of the real thing. Don’t miss out on this salty and indulgent holiday next July 18th. Treat yourself to some of the most luxurious food the world has to offer and pick up some caviar on #NationalCaviarDay

How many days until caviar day?

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Upcoming dates for caviar day

When is caviar day 2024?Thursday, July 18, 2024
When is caviar day 2025?Friday, July 18, 2025
When is caviar day 2026?Saturday, July 18, 2026
When is caviar day 2027?Sunday, July 18, 2027
When is caviar day 2028?Tuesday, July 18, 2028
When is caviar day 2029?Wednesday, July 18, 2029
When is caviar day 2030?Thursday, July 18, 2030
When is caviar day 2031?Friday, July 18, 2031
When is caviar day 2032?Sunday, July 18, 2032
When is caviar day 2033?Monday, July 18, 2033
When is caviar day 2034?Tuesday, July 18, 2034