When is date nut bread day?

date nut bread day is next on Friday, December 22, 2023

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date nut bread day

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Date Nut Bread Day is celebrated on December 22nd each year. Some people, however, believe Date Nut Bread Day occurs on September 8th. Whatever the case, the holiday celebrates the creation of this scrumptious delight and the simple joys it brings us.

Although no one knows when Date Nut Bread Day first started, evidence shows that people have been celebrating the holiday for multiple years. In 2006, New York hosted a date nut bread eating contest to commemorate the delicious bread loaf. The winner successfully ate 29 sandwiches in under eight minutes—something even the biggest date nut bread fan would struggle to complete.

How to Celebrate Date Nut Bread Day

Whipping up a loaf of your very own date nut bread is the perfect way to celebrate Date Nut Bread Day. There are hundreds of fantastic recipes online that are simple and easy to follow. You can share your homemade date nut bread with friends and family or keep it all to yourself. If you aren’t in the baking mood, you can always visit your local café or bakery and purchase a loaf of the flavorful bread. Next time December 22nd rolls around, be sure to celebrate #DateNutBreadDay.

How many days until date nut bread day?

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Upcoming dates for date nut bread day

When is date nut bread day 2023?Friday, December 22, 2023
When is date nut bread day 2024?Sunday, December 22, 2024
When is date nut bread day 2025?Monday, December 22, 2025
When is date nut bread day 2026?Tuesday, December 22, 2026
When is date nut bread day 2027?Wednesday, December 22, 2027
When is date nut bread day 2028?Friday, December 22, 2028
When is date nut bread day 2029?Saturday, December 22, 2029
When is date nut bread day 2030?Sunday, December 22, 2030
When is date nut bread day 2031?Monday, December 22, 2031
When is date nut bread day 2032?Wednesday, December 22, 2032
When is date nut bread day 2033?Thursday, December 22, 2033