When is mad hatter day?

mad hatter day is next on Sunday, October 6, 2024

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mad hatter day

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The United States celebrates Mad Hatter Day every year on October 6th. The celebration pays tribute to one of the most colorful, silly, and lovable personalities in the Walt Disney roster of characters—The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

The original Mad Hatter appeared in the 1865 issue of Lewis Carroll’s famous fairy tale, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, with additional illustrations by English political cartoonist Sir John Tenniel. The Mad Hatter is known for his infectious energy, absurdity, and ridiculousness that nearly stole the show from the story’s protagonist. Most people picture the Mad Hatter attending picturesque and quirky tea parties where he would regale Alice and the Queen of Hearts with riddles and stories that boggle the mind.

How to Celebrate Mad Hatter Day

The day’s hero is most famous for making fun of the absurdities of the human world while being absurd himself in a land of magic. People who celebrate Mad Hatter Day share the wit, randomness, and profundity that make this character memorable. It might be at an Alice in Wonderland production in your city, but there’s no better way to celebrate your uniqueness.

You can also host a Mad Hatter Day tea party where you and your guests come wearing ridiculous hats and accessories. Go a step further with absurd costumes and made-up riddles that are both intelligent and bizarre. Let your silliness out and enjoy the fun on #MadHatterDay

How many days until mad hatter day?

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Upcoming dates for mad hatter day

When is mad hatter day 2024?Sunday, October 6, 2024
When is mad hatter day 2025?Monday, October 6, 2025
When is mad hatter day 2026?Tuesday, October 6, 2026
When is mad hatter day 2027?Wednesday, October 6, 2027
When is mad hatter day 2028?Friday, October 6, 2028
When is mad hatter day 2029?Saturday, October 6, 2029
When is mad hatter day 2030?Sunday, October 6, 2030
When is mad hatter day 2031?Monday, October 6, 2031
When is mad hatter day 2032?Wednesday, October 6, 2032
When is mad hatter day 2033?Thursday, October 6, 2033
When is mad hatter day 2034?Friday, October 6, 2034