When is may ray day?

may ray day is next on Monday, May 19, 2025

Always know when is may ray day. Figure out how many days till may ray day. Holiday dates available for the next 10 years...
may ray day

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May Ray Day is celebrated every year on May 19th. This holiday is all about getting out into the sunshine and saying, “You can call me Ray.”, or more simply, just step out of your offices and homes and soak in the Sun's rays. The Broadway Fun Spot of St. Joseph, Michigan founded this celebration in 1977. Richard Ankli came up with the idea in honor of his brother Ray, who was born on May 19th.

How To Celebrate May Ray Day

Put on your favorite hat and some sunglasses, step outside, and enjoy the sunshine! Get those vitamin D levels up! Studies have shown that time in the Sun can be good for our physical and mental wellbeing, so put on some sunscreen and soak it up! #MayRayDay

How many days until may ray day?

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Upcoming dates for may ray day

When is may ray day 2024?Sunday, May 19, 2024
When is may ray day 2025?Monday, May 19, 2025
When is may ray day 2026?Tuesday, May 19, 2026
When is may ray day 2027?Wednesday, May 19, 2027
When is may ray day 2028?Friday, May 19, 2028
When is may ray day 2029?Saturday, May 19, 2029
When is may ray day 2030?Sunday, May 19, 2030
When is may ray day 2031?Monday, May 19, 2031
When is may ray day 2032?Wednesday, May 19, 2032
When is may ray day 2033?Thursday, May 19, 2033
When is may ray day 2034?Friday, May 19, 2034