When is phileas fogg wager day?

phileas fogg wager day is next on Monday, October 2, 2023

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phileas fogg wager day

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Phileas Fogg Day is celebrated every year on October 2nd. Phileas Fogg was a character from Jules Verne’s classic novel Around the World in Eighty Days. The wager that Fogg made inspired this holiday and all the fun that goes with taking a few risks in life.

This unofficial holiday celebrates the exciting adventures of Phileas Fogg as he traveled around the world. It all started as a wager that he could navigate around the world as significant transportation and technology improvements marked the turn of the 19th century. Jules Verne, the author, incorporated these massive advancements into his storyline, including the building of The Suez Canal, flight capabilities, automobiles, and other forms of transport making their debut in the world.

How To Celebrate Phileas Fogg Day

October 2nd is set aside each year to remind us that determination is powerful but that a little whimsy can make life much more interesting. Why not read the classic novel starring Phileas Fogg or watch the very condensed version of the 2004 film if you don’t have time to enjoy the entertaining book. You might even want to plan your own travel adventure for the next 80 days; if not exotic locations, then maybe just wherever you can find your own adventures as a nod to Mr. #PhileasFogg.

How many days until phileas fogg wager day?

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Upcoming dates for phileas fogg wager day

When is phileas fogg wager day 2023?Monday, October 2, 2023
When is phileas fogg wager day 2024?Wednesday, October 2, 2024
When is phileas fogg wager day 2025?Thursday, October 2, 2025
When is phileas fogg wager day 2026?Friday, October 2, 2026
When is phileas fogg wager day 2027?Saturday, October 2, 2027
When is phileas fogg wager day 2028?Monday, October 2, 2028
When is phileas fogg wager day 2029?Tuesday, October 2, 2029
When is phileas fogg wager day 2030?Wednesday, October 2, 2030
When is phileas fogg wager day 2031?Thursday, October 2, 2031
When is phileas fogg wager day 2032?Saturday, October 2, 2032
When is phileas fogg wager day 2033?Sunday, October 2, 2033