When is day of the ninja?

day of the ninja is next on Thursday, December 5, 2024

Always know when is day of the ninja. Figure out how many days till day of the ninja. Holiday dates available for the next 10 years...
day of the ninja

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Day of the Ninja is celebrated on December 5 each year. The website “Ninja Burger,” a parody site based on the idea that ninjas deliver fast food, declared December 5 officially the Day of the Ninja. The idea is that ninjas use their superhuman speed and agility to deliver food orders quickly. Created with tongue-in-cheek humor, this international “unofficial” holiday honors the mysterious fighters of ancient Japan. Ninjas are not just a staple in action movies — they really existed.

Ninjas first appeared in 600 AD as spies in Japan. They lacked the high-class recognition awarded to samurai, so people often paid ninjas to perform unsavory or illegal tasks. Few historical accounts mention ninjas, which contributes to their mysterious reputation. Today, we regard ninjas as comic book or action movie heroes with superhuman abilities, such as invisibility, super speed, and shapeshifting.

How to Celebrate Day of the Ninja

You can celebrate the Day of the Ninja by wearing an all-black outfit and trying your hand at using nunchucks. Your celebration can be as simple as spending the day watching Japanese Karate movies with subtitles. There are a lot of ways you can raise ninja awareness on this special #NinjaDay

How many days until day of the ninja?

If you want to know how many more days, then here is your countdown to day of the ninja

Upcoming dates for day of the ninja

When is day of the ninja 2024?Thursday, December 5, 2024
When is day of the ninja 2025?Friday, December 5, 2025
When is day of the ninja 2026?Saturday, December 5, 2026
When is day of the ninja 2027?Sunday, December 5, 2027
When is day of the ninja 2028?Tuesday, December 5, 2028
When is day of the ninja 2029?Wednesday, December 5, 2029
When is day of the ninja 2030?Thursday, December 5, 2030
When is day of the ninja 2031?Friday, December 5, 2031
When is day of the ninja 2032?Sunday, December 5, 2032
When is day of the ninja 2033?Monday, December 5, 2033
When is day of the ninja 2034?Tuesday, December 5, 2034