When is world sandwich day?

world sandwich day is next on Sunday, November 3, 2024

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world sandwich day

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Sandwich Day is celebrated every year on November 3 and pays tribute to the convenience food that most people pack for their lunches. An estimated 300 million sandwiches are consumed daily in the United States, so it makes sense to set aside a day for this popular lunch dish. The sandwich got its name from John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, a town in the city of Kent, England. John loved card games and often ordered his meat delivered between slices of bread so he could keep playing his card games without getting grease on the cards. He also wouldn’t need to set the cards down to use a fork.

The sandwich revolutionized the way we eat lunches. School children and workers didn’t need to come home for lunch. They could simply pack a sandwich. Popular sandwiches in the United States include the BLT, club sandwich, French dip, cheesesteak, and submarine. There are a variety of flavors and textures for sandwich fillings, from the ever-popular peanut butter and jelly sandwich to the ham and cheese.

How to Celebrate Sandwich Day

Get out your favorite loaf of artisan bread and make a tasty sandwich. Try some new meat combinations and see if you like them better than your standard sandwich. Invite some friends over and order a party sub sandwich to share with them. Have fun with it and enjoy #NationalSandwichDay

How many days until world sandwich day?

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Upcoming dates for world sandwich day

When is world sandwich day 2024?Sunday, November 3, 2024
When is world sandwich day 2025?Monday, November 3, 2025
When is world sandwich day 2026?Tuesday, November 3, 2026
When is world sandwich day 2027?Wednesday, November 3, 2027
When is world sandwich day 2028?Friday, November 3, 2028
When is world sandwich day 2029?Saturday, November 3, 2029
When is world sandwich day 2030?Sunday, November 3, 2030
When is world sandwich day 2031?Monday, November 3, 2031
When is world sandwich day 2032?Wednesday, November 3, 2032
When is world sandwich day 2033?Thursday, November 3, 2033
When is world sandwich day 2034?Friday, November 3, 2034