When is noodle ring day?

noodle ring day is next on Wednesday, December 11, 2024

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noodle ring day

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National Noodle Ring Day is celebrated on December 11th each year. It commemorates the delicious pasta dish made from flat pasta baked into a mouthwatering round casserole.

Noodle rings became popular during the mid-1900s for their savory taste and elegant presentation. They are easy to make and can feed a large family with relative ease. The dish consists of cooked pasta, breadcrumbs, eggs, and cheese cooked within a circular mold and baked to perfection. It’s a favorite among American noodle lovers and continues to satisfy our craving for unique pasta dishes to this day.

How to Celebrate National Noodle Ring Day

Breaking out some of your grandma’s old cookbooks and finding new ways to bake noodle rings is a great way to celebrate this abstract holiday. There are nearly limitless ways to make a noodle ring, so be creative when baking this delicious meal. There are even a few dessert variations that will satisfy the strongest sweet tooth. If you have children, try creating macaroni art with them to pay homage to the scrumptious dish. If you're craving pasta next time December 11th rolls around, make sure to bake a savory noodle ring to celebrate #NoodleRingDay.

How many days until noodle ring day?

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Upcoming dates for noodle ring day

When is noodle ring day 2024?Wednesday, December 11, 2024
When is noodle ring day 2025?Thursday, December 11, 2025
When is noodle ring day 2026?Friday, December 11, 2026
When is noodle ring day 2027?Saturday, December 11, 2027
When is noodle ring day 2028?Monday, December 11, 2028
When is noodle ring day 2029?Tuesday, December 11, 2029
When is noodle ring day 2030?Wednesday, December 11, 2030
When is noodle ring day 2031?Thursday, December 11, 2031
When is noodle ring day 2032?Saturday, December 11, 2032
When is noodle ring day 2033?Sunday, December 11, 2033
When is noodle ring day 2034?Monday, December 11, 2034