When is handwriting day?

handwriting day is next on Thursday, January 23, 2025

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handwriting day

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Handwriting Day is celebrated on January 23rd each year. Why is this date designated to celebrate handwriting? Because John Hancock was born on January 23rd, and he was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence—that’s also why a “John Hancock” is a term frequently used as a nickname for a signature. Handwriting Day is intended to appreciate handwriting and the gift of handwritten notes.

What many people don’t realize about Handwriting Day is that it’s a relatively new commemorative day. In 1977, the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association started the tradition. The real intention of the holiday was to encourage people to buy pens, pencils, paper, and other stationery products. While it’s since become a special day for many people around the country, it was initially a well-planned marketing tool for the writing instrument manufacturing industry.

How to Celebrate Handwriting Day

If you want to celebrate Handwriting Day, you have plenty of options. Start by taking out a pen and paper and writing a letter to a good friend or family member. It’s also an excellent day to start a journal or a hand-written book. Take some time away from your computer and appreciate the fun of writing and reading on paper for #HandwritingDay

How many days until handwriting day?

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Upcoming dates for handwriting day

When is handwriting day 2024?Tuesday, January 23, 2024
When is handwriting day 2025?Thursday, January 23, 2025
When is handwriting day 2026?Friday, January 23, 2026
When is handwriting day 2027?Saturday, January 23, 2027
When is handwriting day 2028?Sunday, January 23, 2028
When is handwriting day 2029?Tuesday, January 23, 2029
When is handwriting day 2030?Wednesday, January 23, 2030
When is handwriting day 2031?Thursday, January 23, 2031
When is handwriting day 2032?Friday, January 23, 2032
When is handwriting day 2033?Sunday, January 23, 2033
When is handwriting day 2034?Monday, January 23, 2034