Camping Checklist

Wondering what to bring on your camping trip?

plan your camping trip
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Ready to go camping? Wondering what to bring camping? Our family camping checklist has all the outdoor camping essential items listed for your convenience. Print out our camping packing list and get packing! it's going to be fun.

Before you head out to the great outdoors, please take the time and think through what you will need for your trip. A simple camping checklist always does the trick for me. Below are some camping checklists with the essentials, as well as some room for your notes, or anything we may have missed. We really hope you find these tips helpful.

Camping packing list | Camping checklist

A simple, handy camping checklist with lots of useful information available at a glance. This camping packing list has essentials and room for your notes and optional supplies.

What are the Essentials For Camping?

We usually go on 2-4 camping trips per year as a family. Family camping trips are an exciting adventure for everyone, especially the little ones. Some of your best family memories will be made on your camping trip. Ditch the electronics for the smores, trade the couch for the trail, or simply just be, with your family naming stars. Depending on what you pack, and the time of year, the trip could be a daunting task for the adults, essentially a mini-move. Hopefully, our lists can help with the camping essentials. Other campsite essentials include tent, tent stakes, toothbrush, soap, first aid kit, matches, plastic bottled water, extra water bottle, sleeping bag, toilet paper, baby wipes, paper towels, lantern, jacket, coffee or tea, high quality knife, cutting board etc. Your gear checklist will untimely depend on the type of trip you want, the campsite amenities, etc.

If I had to pick a single favorite camping product, it would be the Lodge seasoned cast iron Dutch oven. We have had ours for over 10 years. This is basically a lifetime product that you will be handing down to your Grandchildren (if you take proper care of it). I like the Dutch oven over the skillet because you can do more with it. Chili, sausage and eggs for a cowboy breakfast, casserole, deep fryer, it does it all and then some! For more camping resources, check out this camping information resource

Mark your calendar

Popular camping spots fill up months in advance, especially during the fair weather seasons of Spring and Fall. Make sure to make your reservations early for your great family outdoor adventure.

Inspect your gear

Its always a good idea to inspect your gear a week or 2 before your camping trip. You may need to air out your tent, or replace some pegs, or tend to something you put off from last time because you were too tired. Your tent is essential camping gear, so keep it maintained and clean. Also, don't forget to keep a few extra batteries handy. Ensure your sleeping bag is clean, and your car in good driving condition.

Plan your meals

plan your camping meals
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Our checklist does not take into account your length of stay and meals. It just accounts for snack items and favorites such as sandwiches, hot dogs etc. The entry of "prepared meals*" is where you would check that your pre-cooked meals, or easy to cook over campfire meals, have been packed in your cooler. Add in a few extra goodies for the kids while you're at it. All the great camping food you need to maintain the peace! Camp cooking can be a great way to build lasting memories. Who needs a kitchen. All you need is a good lantern and supplies, you can cook your meal under the stars. More camping lists