When is bourbon day?

bourbon day is next on Friday, June 14, 2024

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bourbon day

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Bourbon Day is celebrated every year on June 14th and commemorates the iconic “Native Spirit” of America. Bourbon is a type of whiskey, specifically made of 51% corn, stored in charred oak barrels, and distilled to around 160 proof. Most of the bourbon in the United States is made in Kentucky. Corn was originally used as it was an abundant native grain to the Kentucky area, and turned out to be an excellent choice due to its sweetness.

No one knows exactly who invented bourbon, though we do know it was made sometime around late 1700s in Kentucky, by its immigrant settlers. The whiskey grew in popularity where it was shipped to in New Orleans. The long trip down the river to Louisiana allowed the spirit to fuse all the flavors together into the rich, smoky, oak flavored “whiskey from Bourbon” we know and love today. No one is quite certain on the inspiration of the name - Bourbon County Kentucky or Bourbon Street New Orleans? However, both locations are named after the French Bourbon dynasty.

How To Celebrate Bourbon Day

This holiday is as simple as it sounds. At the end of the day, simply unwind and enjoy your favorite bourbon. Enjoy it neat on the rocks, or perhaps as part of your favorite mixed drink. Try to make a Whiskey Sour, or a Kentucky Mule, or a Gold Rush Cocktail with your favorite bourbon. Learn more about the different types of bourbon. Check out Neat: The Story of Bourbon (2018) written and directed by David Altrogge. #NationalBourbonDay

How many days until bourbon day?

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Upcoming dates for bourbon day

When is bourbon day 2024?Friday, June 14, 2024
When is bourbon day 2025?Saturday, June 14, 2025
When is bourbon day 2026?Sunday, June 14, 2026
When is bourbon day 2027?Monday, June 14, 2027
When is bourbon day 2028?Wednesday, June 14, 2028
When is bourbon day 2029?Thursday, June 14, 2029
When is bourbon day 2030?Friday, June 14, 2030
When is bourbon day 2031?Saturday, June 14, 2031
When is bourbon day 2032?Monday, June 14, 2032
When is bourbon day 2033?Tuesday, June 14, 2033
When is bourbon day 2034?Wednesday, June 14, 2034