When is american beer day?

american beer day is next on Sunday, October 27, 2024

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american beer day

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American Beer Day is celebrated every year on October 27, when Americans toast each other with a tall frosty mug to commemorate this thirst-quenching day. The making of beer can be traced back to over 7,000 years ago. Native Americans used corn, birch sap, and water to ferment their beer long before Europeans arrived to colonize the US. It was not until the early seventeenth century when the first American brewery opened up in a town called New Amsterdam, now known as Manhattan.

Beer has a long and storied history in the United States. In 1920, prohibition was signed into law and lasted until 1933. During that time, nearly all breweries closed their doors except for one. Eagle Brewery was opened in 1829 by David G. Yuengling. It survived prohibition by lowering the alcohol content to the legal limit and switching to making ice cream, and they are still brewing today. Each year, the US brews 196 million barrels of beer, which equals about 24,800,000,000 pints, and there are over 3000 breweries in the US today.

How to Celebrate American Beer Day

Celebrate American Beer Day by heading to your local pub and having a pint of American pale ale, a Pennsylvania porter, or an amber ale. #AmericanBeerDay

How many days until american beer day?

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Upcoming dates for american beer day

When is american beer day 2024?Sunday, October 27, 2024
When is american beer day 2025?Monday, October 27, 2025
When is american beer day 2026?Tuesday, October 27, 2026
When is american beer day 2027?Wednesday, October 27, 2027
When is american beer day 2028?Friday, October 27, 2028
When is american beer day 2029?Saturday, October 27, 2029
When is american beer day 2030?Sunday, October 27, 2030
When is american beer day 2031?Monday, October 27, 2031
When is american beer day 2032?Wednesday, October 27, 2032
When is american beer day 2033?Thursday, October 27, 2033
When is american beer day 2034?Friday, October 27, 2034