When is pickle day?

pickle day is next on Thursday, November 14, 2024

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pickle day

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Pickle Day is celebrated annually on the 14th of November. The day aims to celebrate pickles as one of the nation’s favorite fermented foods. With the total number of pickle-eaters projected to surpass 250 million by 2023, it’s not hard to see why having a National Pickle Day is necessary.

While pickles were wildly popular in the Old World, they did not hit the North American shores until 1492. The one person responsible for introducing pickles to North America was none other than Christopher Columbus. During his expeditions, he would include pickles in his sailor’s rations as a way of preventing the onset of scurvy. However, the early Eastern European Jewish settlers were actually responsible for the methods that produced kosher dill pickles that would develop to the popular version that we currently enjoy.

How To Celebrate National Pickle Day

One of the best ways to enjoy Pickle Day is to consider sampling the different kinds of pickles that exist. Though you might already have a favorite, you never know what you could be missing out on. There are numerous ways to enjoy this salty snack, from sweet to bread and butter to the classic kosher dill. Discover a new favorite this #NationalPickleDay

How many days until pickle day?

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Upcoming dates for pickle day

When is pickle day 2024?Thursday, November 14, 2024
When is pickle day 2025?Friday, November 14, 2025
When is pickle day 2026?Saturday, November 14, 2026
When is pickle day 2027?Sunday, November 14, 2027
When is pickle day 2028?Tuesday, November 14, 2028
When is pickle day 2029?Wednesday, November 14, 2029
When is pickle day 2030?Thursday, November 14, 2030
When is pickle day 2031?Friday, November 14, 2031
When is pickle day 2032?Sunday, November 14, 2032
When is pickle day 2033?Monday, November 14, 2033
When is pickle day 2034?Tuesday, November 14, 2034