Password List

Checkout our collection of password log pdf and password list templates for offline password storage. Cybersecurity is ever changing. Although nothing is 100% safe, this method will at least keep your passwords offline. Just make sure and store it in a locked drawer.

password log template

Choosing a password

Choosing a strong password is very important in this day and age. Make sure and use a combination of upper-case letters, lower-case letters, numbers and symbols in your password. Avoid using common words, names etc and instead opt for a random phrase. 16 characters is optimal, though anything over 10 should be ok. An example of a good password would be Abbw_88*Kxb$$1950%. No way you would remember that, hence the list.

Storing your list

Your offline list should be stored in a locked filing cabinet away from plain sight and prying eyes. You'd be surprised how many people leave passwords lying around.

password log template

Online safety

An offline password log pdf is just a single step in your online safety. Install a good anti-virus software, and avoid downloading random files from the internet. If you prefer, it is also a good idea to have a computer solely for financial dealings, and another for general browsing.

Final thoughts

Nothing is 100% safe in thuis day and age. However, an offline password list is perhaps an extra step you can take to keep your passwords safe [provided you store it safely]. Having said that, use our password log lists at your own risk. is not responsible for how you choose to use and store these products.
Check out this fun infographic on how to choose a password