When is underdog day?

underdog day is next on Friday, December 20, 2024

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underdog day

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Underdog Day is an annual holiday celebrated on December 17th. It honors all those who overcame their obstacles and pulled off unexpected victories despite having the odds against them. The holiday began in 1976 and pays tribute to the underdogs who proved that anything is possible through hard work and dedication. Although the term “underdog” is primarily used in sports, it can also describe people persevering through immense hardship to become an unlikely success. People like Chris Gardner, whose life was immortalized in the film The Pursuit of Happyness, or the infamous Scotsman William Wallace of Braveheart fame are classic examples of underdogs. Underdog Day reminds us of inspiring stories and motivates us to chase after our dreams no matter what stands in our way.

How to Celebrate Underdog Day

Cheering for an underdog sports team or watching an inspiring movie like Rocky or Forrest Gump are fantastic ways to celebrate Underdog Day. You could even go back and watch some famous underdog sports matches like the 1980 Olympic hockey match between the United States and the Soviet Union, in which the expected loser comes out victorious. Next time December 17th rolls around, make sure to root for an underdog on #UnderdogDay.

How many days until underdog day?

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Upcoming dates for underdog day

When is underdog day 2024?Friday, December 20, 2024
When is underdog day 2025?Friday, December 19, 2025
When is underdog day 2026?Friday, December 18, 2026
When is underdog day 2027?Friday, December 17, 2027
When is underdog day 2028?Friday, December 15, 2028
When is underdog day 2029?Friday, December 21, 2029
When is underdog day 2030?Friday, December 20, 2030
When is underdog day 2031?Friday, December 19, 2031
When is underdog day 2032?Friday, December 17, 2032
When is underdog day 2033?Friday, December 16, 2033
When is underdog day 2034?Friday, December 15, 2034