When is son and daughter day?

son and daughter day is next on Sunday, August 11, 2024

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son and daughter day

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Son and Daughter Day is honored on August 11th each year to highlight all the joy your children provide you. The day also marks the individuality of the children and celebrates their uniqueness. As they grow, their styles and activities inevitably change, so setting aside a day dedicated to them is a fantastic way to let them know you care.

The earliest mention of Son and Daughter Day dates to 1936 by a man named J. Henry Dusenberry, who heard a child wonder aloud why there was no day to celebrate kids. It caught on quickly, and each year it is celebrated by various organizations like the Lion’s Club. An earlier practice consisted of parents placing vibrant, colorful flowers on display to represent their children for all to admire.

How to Celebrate Son and Daughter Day

So how will you celebrate the joy your children bring you? A great starting place is to ask them for ideas they would like to do. See a movie, enjoy a picnic lunch at the park, or take a day trip to a favorite place. If your children live away from home, give them a call. Children grow up fast, so let them know how much you appreciate them by creating your own tradition on #SonandDaughterDay

How many days until son and daughter day?

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Upcoming dates for son and daughter day

When is son and daughter day 2024?Sunday, August 11, 2024
When is son and daughter day 2025?Monday, August 11, 2025
When is son and daughter day 2026?Tuesday, August 11, 2026
When is son and daughter day 2027?Wednesday, August 11, 2027
When is son and daughter day 2028?Friday, August 11, 2028
When is son and daughter day 2029?Saturday, August 11, 2029
When is son and daughter day 2030?Sunday, August 11, 2030
When is son and daughter day 2031?Monday, August 11, 2031
When is son and daughter day 2032?Wednesday, August 11, 2032
When is son and daughter day 2033?Thursday, August 11, 2033
When is son and daughter day 2034?Friday, August 11, 2034